Prezi is a web-based presentation software, created in Budapest (Hungary) in 2009. The word Prezi is the short form of “presentation” in Hungarian. It is a visual storytelling software alternative to traditional slide-based presentation formats. Prezi presentations feature a map-like, schematic overview that lets users pan among topics at will, zoom in on desired details, and pull back to reveal context. Prezi is t is compatible with most modern computers and web browsers and it is an HTML5 application which runs on JavaScript. It is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, German, Italian, French, Hungarian.

Why is it useful for VET?

Because it is designed for people who aren’t designers and could be started with several templates. The presentations created are different from the common MS Powerpoint because it permits a Conversational Presenting: the term was coined by the company in 2015 to describe the organic flow of information Prezi enables. By letting presenters adapt the order of their content delivery, this method allows questions and concerns to be addressed as they arise, rather than according to a scripted path. How to?

  • Creation: thanks to a creative and intuitive interface,
  • Customise: by choosing a designer template, selecting a wide range of fonts and colours, importing media, adding photos, videos, and PDFs.
  • Insert charts: by creating charts and zoom in to reveal the stories behind your data with supporting text, images, or videos.
  • Collaboration: work in cloud together with others
  • Present: deliver your presentation on desktop, mobile devices (via APPs)
  • Analyse the data thanks to Prezi Analytics (Premium)

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