Integrated Learning, Information and workcooperation System
The concept behind ILIAS is to offer a flexible online working and learning environment with integrated tools. It goes far beyond the idea of learning being confined to courses. Rather, ILIAS can be seen as a type of library, providing learning and working materials at any location of the repository.
ILIAS is not a locked warehouse but an open knowledge platform
Ilias is versatile:
Course management, learning modules, test & assessment, portfolios, surveys, wikis and blogs are all built into the core, making ILIAS a “one-stop solution” for your e-learning needs. Ilias is open source:
No licensing fees, ever. Any special requirements can be implemented by our service providers. A voluntary membership to the ILIAS Society is inexpensive and grants you direct influence on the long-term development process - in eight languages.
ILIAS is yours:
Change its look, implement your preferred learning scenarios, integrate it with your website or intranet, activate only the modules you need, give each user the exact access and permissions you specify. ILIAS is standard-compliant:
SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 learning modules. LOM metadata. IMS QTI Test&Assessment. XML, CSV and Excel exports. IMS LTI to embed external applications. Once installed, the complete ILIAS suite runs directly in your browser: No further software is needed for either learners, tutors or content creators ILIAS is trusted:
In development since 1998, it is now supported by 11 premium partners and more than 40 institutional ILIAS Society members. It has thousands of active installations, and is being used by millions of users worldwide ILIAS is the Learning Management System that can cope with anything you throw at it: 100 or 100.000 users. Desktop or mobile. Use it as a simple course player, a complex authoring tool, a full-fledged collaboration platform - or all of these combined!
Main Features
Full support of SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004
Powerful Test & Assessment tool that allows you to offer both self-evaluations for your learners, as well as complete e-exams Flexible Course Management for a multitude of didactical scenarios
Study Programs allow you to reproduce full curriculums with a single tool Content sharing with really fast Drag&Drop File Upload
Personal Workspace for learners, allowing the easy creation of portfolios and blogs
Simple creation of study materials with our Authoring Tools: Build learning modules, wikis, glossaries, and much more… Streamlined Design: Despite their usage differences, usability of all tools in ILIAS is held very similar - making it easy to explore new learning scenarios!
Learning Communities that help you bring your learners together… …based on the integrated Communication Tools: Personal profiles, Contacts, Who is online tool, mail, chat and more… Highly developed Access Management allows you to fine-tune your permissions for each and every object No Lock-In: Your data can be exported in XML format

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