Communication – Tools

Let’s watch on Communication – Tools, if you communicate, you can collaborate, is not clear to define or to classify the apps, programs by purpose, target group or hardware. (for PC, MAC, Tablet, Smartphone).
We setup up focus on the trainer/teacher in VET-process. Very popular are blogs, if teachers using blogs classroom based or school year based, they can share information, task and projects. General aim can be discussion to a teacher-generated topic or question. Blogs can inform about following content, to generate interest on future lessons. Other variant to find out, what the students already know. Using Blogs can supply students with feedback from classmates and/or teacher.
Communication is possible using social networks like Twitter to keep parents informed about school activities.
Face-to-face communication using video needs a membership at the promoting website, like or (free to use with account).
For VET-Trainer it is mostly difficult to find time for self-qualification, to test different upcoming websites, apps, tools, platforms. If this time exist and you are watching by Google or other searching engines … you are in short time overloaded with the results, 10-1000 or more different platforms and tools are on the market.
We suggest the tools based on our personal experience in VET-process!

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