Adobe Connect Solutions

Adobe Connect web conferencing software service offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars.

Enable mobile learning across devices

  • Train and participate directly from mobile devices
  • Deploy interactive mobile experiences including breakout sessions
  • Enjoy hosting, file sharing, whiteboarding, and emoticons via mobile
  • Allow participants on desktop to enter hassle-free with no downloads

Deliver immersive live virtual classroom experiences

  • Measure live learner participation with engagement monitoring
  • Brand-able, customizable and persistent virtual classrooms
  • Streamline live session management with intuitive backstage tools
  • Maximize engagement with extensive interactive options

Support blended learning with synchronous and asynchronous content

  • Create curricula with prerequisites and test-outs
  • Manage enrollment notifications & reminders
  • Generate course catalogs to enable self-enrollment
  • Measure effectiveness with detailed learner reports

Create and deploy engaging on-demand learning content

  • Generate structured curricula with enhanced learner enrollment management
  • Rapidly generate and deploy content using our Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter
  • Create content once and publish across devices, including SCORM and AICC content
  • Use the features of a Learning Management System (LMS) at a fraction of the cost with Adobe Connect, or integrate it with your existing LMS

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