What is Creative Problem Solving (CPS)?

Noller in 1979 tried to give a definition to Creative Problem solving starting from the three words it is composed by:

CREATIVE is about having an element of newness that is relevant to anyone that wants to create a solution. It implies to bring into a situation something that was not there before, that has elements of newness.

it refers to the introduction of something in a context that has value. It is important not to confuse creativity and art, even though art is usually new and has value. In this specific project, creativity is about new ideas and not about the creativity of art that involves aesthetic, excellence and skills/attitudes that cannot be learned.

Noller defined a PROBLEM as any situation that presents a challenge, offers an opportunity, or is a concern to the solver. In effect, the Cambridge Dictionary defines PROBLEM as a situation that causes difficulties.

About PROBLEM: Peter Honey, a psychologist, defines a problem as the difference between what you’ve got and what you want.

SOLVING is immediately connected with PROBLEM. It is devising ways to answer, to meet, or to satisfy a situation by changing self or situation.

About SOLVING: in stressful situations, it’s natural to just go with the first good solution emerging from an analogical reasoning. It is in fact natural to look for an answer/action to stop or remove the problem.

In effect, the Creative Problem Solving is a lot more than 3 words put together and in reality, it could be defined as follows:

It is a methodology based on a multidisciplinary approach dealing with the role of creativity, innovation and problem solving in various situations of daily life.

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