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What it is?
Teamviewer is primary for remote access (Control) from on to the other PC. IT-Service, Hotlines Printer-Support are using it since long time. Second function Meeting voice and video based calls.

Why is useful for VET?
Very often students are not sure how to proceed at the Device/PC/Tablet installing new software, access to learning platforms or other learning resources and you can help direct on target PC from distance, you can help using chat, audio instruction, video support if necessary. TeamViewer is running with AND without installation… fast success! So we can decrease doubts or barriers using new tools, software, learning environment, learning platforms.

How to?
For setup of TeamViewer download from website and follow instruction.
After setup you have YOUR ID and can allow another person Remote Control on your Device/PC/Tablet, transmitting ID and temporary password to helping person somewhere in the world (on a PC with internet). For using in Meeting you can chose at main menu Meeting Button. Short introduction you can try and see here:

If you are in a hurry for Join into Meeting, you can download the PC version download Teamviewer
If you are in a hurry for support, you can download the PC version Quicksupport download Quicksupport

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