As a pioneer in this field, we can name the Program or app „skypeTM” a part of Microsoft, its free for use. A Trainer or a class can visit a classroom in another part of the world, using interactive video.
What it is?
Skype is primary a face-to-face communication tool between 2 or more partners to talk to share phots, messages, emoticons and stickers in real time. (costless) and you can call phones around the world from mobile or PC to each mobile or landline number for small fee. (low cost)

Why is useful for VET?
You can talk with 1 or more people, using sound or using video. You can see mimic, gesture, objects… Students who are home from different reason can participate from fare. Colleagues you can invite in a meeting or create Counseling group call. You can demonstrate on your screen and share it to all Skype-partner.

How to?
You need a PC, MAC, Tablet or Mobile and Download the Software from Website: Install it and make account to skype.

Simple description: without cost, with running internet connection you can:

  • Interchange files direct from one to the other partner (peer to peer without EMail).
  • Skype-Meeting for Discussion about topics like this project. Find common understanding, dates, subjects
  • Screen sharing, watching in groups to the same content, presentation, calculation or information.
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