What is it?
Moodle is an open source learning platform. Moodle allows educators, of any kind, to create a private space online, filled with tools that easily create courses and activities, all optimised for collaborative learning. Users can receive automatic alerts on new assignments and deadlines, forum posts and also send private messages to one another. It is possible to teach and share between teachers and students in a private space only you and your class can access.

Why is useful for VET?
You can create courses easily using simple editing settings that will allow you to display materials in a format best suited to your learners. Also you can use custom grading scales and rubrics. Conveniently assign different markers to assignments, manage grade moderation and control when marks are released to individual learners. Moodle’s built-in media support enables you to easily search for and insert video and audio files in courses - perfect for flipped learning.

How to?\\You can download Moodle for single user and small groups for free from the website. Simply install the Application on a webserver, NAS or in a cloud application.


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