Kanban Board Organisers - Trello and Meister Task What is it? A Kanban Board Organiser is a visual representation of work and workflow that enables effective participation of end-users and stakeholders in achieving optimal workflow. The development and use of leading software tools such as Trello and Meister Task have now overtaken the original usage of physical whiteboards, and moveable sticky-notes. The overall aim of such tools is maximise communication and collaboration of project participants in a real-time, structured manner. Trello keeps project participants informed of key tasks and task assignments as they arise, with email notification and activity log capability. Project members can be added or deleted as required.

Key features of Trello are- • Overview of front and back of cards • Drop and drag functionality • Uploading of file attachments • Ability to delegate and assign tasks • Voting poll feature • Search function • Unlimited project/ files capability • Free pricing for basic Trello • Archiving feature • Online Trello app. Key features of Task Meister are- • Project dashboards • Project monitoring and reports • Integration with other applications – Google Drive, Dropbox • Intuitive software • Links to apps. Why are they useful for VET? TMeisterTask is a similar software product to Trello, combining project management and task management on one platform. It provides similar benefits to VET, such as- Unlimited, flexible project boards, with real-time updating for member-students and teachers. MeisterTask also permits file-sharing, collaborating and information sharing-editing on Google Drive, Dropbox, BitBucket and similar online data storage facilities. Meister-task has in-built integration with a free mind-mapping tool called MiesterMind. Mind-mapping diagrams are both familiar and popular with students and teachers in VET environments. Project-boards on MeisterTask facilitate progress updates, delegation of task, project reminders, summaries and checklists, ensuring a streamlined and effective project management process. The basic version of Meister-Task is free for end-users.

Links https://www.mindmeister.com/ https://kanbanflow.com/ https://www.projectplace.com/

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