Impressions of our third meeting in Dublin (Irland)

We finalized GP Examples, prepared our next Intellectual Output! We could join in Partas training (OnSite-Training). Press contact we could establish and result in the News! Thanks…

Erasmus+ Project














Visit to Priory Brewery (a micro-brewery social enterprise) in Dublin (#Partas)

Impressions of our second meeting in Potenza (Italy)

Certificates of Attendance
Peppino Franco, Euro-Net, (Italy), John Kearns, Partas (Ireland), Liviana Marinescu and Ralf Sachsenmaier, FA (Germany), Piet Kommers, Utrecht University (Netherlands), Antonio Imbesi, Godesk (Italy), Kati Valtonen and Esko Lius, Omnia (Finland), Philipp Munk, SBH Südost (Germany)

A lot of topics we had to discuss, to plan, to realize soon, we are on the way to do it! Action during the next months: Finalizing GP Examples, Start of Intellectual Outputs, 2 Guides 1st Chapter…

Impressions of our first meeting in Magdeburg (Germany)

We had to introduce each other, split the atsk, understand the project and task to do…! Plan is clear now, let’s looking forward!