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 +Learning by mapping: Concept Mapping, Mind Mapping, Argument Mapping
 +• Now, innovative Web-based technologies have made these tools available to distance educators and trainers.  ​
 +• Online mind maps facilitate teaching complex and multifaced topics while offering a visually rich and interactive interface that fuels students ‘curiosity and creativity.
 +• In recent years, academics and educators have begun to use software mapping tools for a number of education-related purposes. ​
 +• Typically,​ the tools are used to help impart critical and analytical skills to students, to enable students to see relationships between concepts, and also as a method of assessment.
 +• As with other diagramming tools, can be used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid to studying[7] and organizing information,​ solving problems, making decisions, and writing.
 +• Mapping allows students to build new and meaningful knowledge links by means of active engagement.
 +• Mapping also augments the brain’s ability to understand, retrieve and process information.
 +The various mapping tools have complementary functions. ​
 +• Mind mapping is an associational mapping tool; 
 +• Concept mapping provides a way of mapping relationships; ​
 +• Argument mapping focuses on maps of inferential structures and logical connections
 +The difference between mind mapping and concept mapping is also at the level of precision and formality.
 +  Mind maps are less formal and structured. Concept maps are formal and tightly structured. ​
 +Mind maps emphasise diagrams and pictures to aid recall of associations;​ concept maps use hierarchical structure and relational phrases to aid understanding of relationships
 +Mind-mapping software can be used to organize large amounts of information,​ combining spatial organization,​ dynamic hierarchical structuring and node folding. Software packages can extend the concept of mind-mapping by allowing individuals to map more than thoughts and ideas with information on their computers and the Internet, like spreadsheets,​ documents, Internet sites and images.
 +Naturally, the new trend is making these tools available to iPhone, iPad and Android mobile platforms.